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Easy Ways to Keep Track of USB Drives Tags: logo flash drives

Most people who own, work on, or utilize a computer in the library or internet café have at least a few flash drives that contain different types of information. Some have several drives, which makes it difficult to remember what information is on which drive. It can be confusing and frustrating and risky to mix up drives. Opening up a drive with wedding pictures on it instead of the presentation can be a disaster with dire consequences.

How to Keep Track

One way is to store the Custom USB drive from an employer in the briefcase when not in use. Place it in a separate pouch or pocket that closes for safety. The custom usb is likely to have a logo printed on it and be encrypted for extra security. Place ones with photographs in the living room, and ones with personal information in the bedroom bureau. Labeling drives will also help.

Purchase drives in different colors and shapes to distinguish one from the other. Black and silver drives are the most common ones so stay away from those if possible. Drives are inexpensive so purchasing a few is fun and will fit into any budget. Some best selling flash drives include wooden ones with twist caps, pen drives, and those in the shape of a key.


Larger ones are gaining popularity among students and home users. Teapot shapes, animals, household items, movie characters, butterflies, and flowers are among the more creative ones. Trucks, cars, and computer shaped drives are also popular. Wearable jewelry is a clever way to keep track of flash drives. Rings, bracelets, watches, and necklaces can be found that contain compact flash drives.

Materials and Storage Capacity

Storage capacity varies greatly among USB drives, which is reflected in the pricing. A simple drive with low storage capacity that is made of plastic will not cost more than a few dollars. Some are even available at dollar stores. A wood or metal one with maximum storage will cost a bit more, but will still not be expensive.


The best way to save money is to buy drives in bulk. This can be done online. Businesses, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations have been getting drives at the lowest possible prices for decades. Get some friends or neighbors together, decide on a design and storage, and place an order that has low minimum quantity requirements. Everyone saves money that way.



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